Artemia production made easy

The hatching of Artemia cysts is affected by external factors such as light, temperature and bacteria.

INVE continues to work on inventive & groundbreaking technologies that facilitate the harvesting of high quality live feed, that suppress bacterial growth and that allow cysts to be hatched in suboptimal light conditions. These ready-to-use solutions are developed to safeguard biosecurity, ensure high efficiency and quality, and maximize the return of investment.

Easy, efficient and sustainable cyst separation


Cysts coated with a layer of non-toxic, magnetic material can be separated from the Artemia nauplii in a easy and simple way after hatching, freeing the Artemia nauplii in an efficient way from the indigestible cysts and shells.

This specific SEP-Art technology is patented by INVE.


  • Simple harvest
  • Non-toxic waste
  • More and high-quality nauplii
  • Faster harvest and nauplii collection

SEP-Art tools are available in three different levels of automation to fit all hatchery sizes and needs.

Allowing cysts to hatch in the dark


Allowing cysts to hatch in sub-optimal light conditions.

Cysts upgraded with the SMArt technology are insensitive for sub-optimal light conditions during the hatching process, which allows the user to obtain maximum output under these inferior hatching conditions.


  • Optimized hatching output at sub-optimal conditions
  • Energy saving

Making Artemia disease protection a reality


An innovative cyst coating that suppresses the growth of opportunistic bacteria such as Vibrio spp. during the hatching process.


  • Cleaner, more active nauplii
  • Decreased bacterial levels
  • Increased larval survival
  • Lower contamination risks