Artemia solutions and advanced technology to cover all needs

Throughout the years we’ve developed technologies and tools for hatching and collecting Artemia.


Aquaculture can only prosper where knowledge and entrepreneurship meet, so for us creating and applying knowledge only makes sense if it’s shared. Our innovations and new technologies are founded on thorough research and testing.

By promoting a solid collaboration with our partners and keeping a close contact with customers and stakeholders we turn innovations into applied reality.

Do you need technical advice?

We are determined to set best practices for the aquaculture sector, rigorously seeking to help customers maximize efficiency and support commercial/operational decision-making. Through state-of-the-art technology, expert advice on new farming methods, and products and protocol demonstrations, we are here to work with you, sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Are you a consultant?

We provide scientific reports, data and information on products and technologies to consultants. We are also available to answer specific questions you might have and can connect you with one of our in-house experts or recommend one of our partners.

Looking to partner with us?

With presence in 27 countries around the world, we believe collaboration is vital for our industry. We are always open to new partnerships and look forward to hearing from you. We are truly Shaping Aquaculture Together.

Sharing Knowledge

Working closely together with aquaculture entrepreneurs worldwide, we’ve been a privileged witness to many success stories. From Indonesia to Ecuador, we share their insights and experience with you.

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