Drive efficiency in hatcheries

The Artemia SEP-Art Tools are a sustainable solution designed to maintain quality nauplii, reduce losses and ensure safety for workers and the environment. INVE provides farmers with the best tools to drive efficiency in shrimp and fish hatcheries.

For the past ten years, the SEP-Art tools have been continuously improved from initial designs to three next-generation tools: SEP-Art HandyMag, SEP-Art CysTM 2.0 and SEP-Art AutoMag.


Manual Tool

Sustainable and effective Artemia harvest

  • A manual tool that helps speeding up the harvesting process while ensuring nauplii quality and biomass output
  • Easy and full separation of pure nauplii from empty shells
  • Top choice for small to relatively medium hatching volumes

Capacity: below 10 kg of SEP-Art cysts
Use: most efficient for quantities below 10 kg of SEP-Art cysts. Used as back-up tool for the CysTM 2.0 and AutoMag tools to clean the final suspension of the harvested nauplii.

Semi-Automatic Tool

Effortless and efficient Artemia harvest

  • Partially automatic, this system is a great option to harvest large quantities of pure Artemia nauplii
  • Highly efficient and versatile for different hatching volumes
  • Top choice for medium to relatively large hatching volumes

Capacity: up to 10 kg of SEP-Art cysts of 240,000 nauplii/g. Lower quality of cysts reduces the capacity. Recommended maximum density of nauplii in the CysTM 2.0 is 2 billion/CysTM 2.0. 
Use: most efficient for large volumes and quantities below 10 kg of SEP-Art cysts.

Automatic Tool

Fully automated Artemia harvest

  • A device especially developed for an automated harvest of Artemia nauplii securing maximum profitability
  • Minimal labor input and maximum biomass outcome
  • Top choice for medium to large hatching volumes.

Capacity: up to 15 kg of SEP-Art cysts. The quality of the cysts does not limit the separation process. Recommended maximum density of nauplii in the AutoMag is 3.6 billion/AutoMag independently of the quality of the cysts.
Use: Most efficient for large volumes and quantities up to 15 kg of SEP-Art cysts


As a pioneer in the aquaculture industry, INVE Aquaculture wants to support you with concepts, best practices, and technologies that help to improve efficiency, resulting in becoming more cost-effective and getting the best performance.

These tools provide practical management during the production of Artemia nauplii.

Artemia data recording sheet

The Artemia data recording sheet helps you, as a hatchery manager, to produce the best performing live feed for fish and shrimp larvae, helping the larvae to exploit their full potential in the entire production chain.

Secure the quality of your results. We make it easy for you to collect and manage your information related to hatching over time by offering you a template to record data in an easy way.

It is recommended that the parameters related to hatching be checked at the beginning and during the day and corrected if needed to achieve optimal hatching results.

  • Optimal storage conditions for the cysts
  • Optimal starting conditions
  • Optimal hatching conditions
  • Optimal enrichment conditions
  • Optimal harvesting conditions
  • Optimal storage of nauplii
  • Measure and control specific parameters
SnappArt Device

SnappArt is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify the process of counting live food with unmatched ease, speed, and accuracy.

Using Artificial Intelligence in live food culture and feeding helps to simplify and standardize live food counting in hatcheries, reducing daily, laborious and manual tasks.

  • Precise, accurate, and reliable counting results
  • Save time and money
  • User-friendly interface
  • Trusted performance
SnappArt Lite (Software)

SnappArt Lite is a platform that is accessible via mobile devices. ​

The platform gives you full visibility into the status and performance of your live food productions.

  • Mobile Access to live food data
  • Optimizes Data Management
  • Simplify live food production
  • Always access to all data
  • SnappArt software updates