AI Powered Live Food Counting Tool

AI Powered
Live Food
Counting Tool

Easy, Fast and Accurate

Easy, Fast and Accurate

The new Artemia and Rotifer counter tool helps you standardize the work on the quality assessment of Artemia and Rotifers.
  • Precise, accurate, and reliable counting results: cutting-edge technology
  • Save time and money: automated efficiency streamlines your workflow enabling precise feeding regimes
  • User-friendly interface: an intuitive design for both beginners and professionals
  • Trusted performance: designed by industry experts.
Get your counting results within seconds with this automatic tool!

Using Artificial Intelligence in live food culture and feeding helps to simplify and standardize live food counting in hatcheries, reducing daily, laborious and manual tasks.

The current manual process is time-consuming, only done on small sample sizes, and prone to human error. This often leads to inadequate or insufficient feed administration, jeopardizing consistent and reliable production of high-quality fish and shrimp.

Want to improve your hatchery protocols?
Check out the new Live Food Counting Tool video!

Invest in SnappArt today and elevate your live food counting capabilities to new heights of efficiency and accuracy. Trust in our cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance to optimize your research or aquaculture success.