Meet Artemia

The most widely used live feed in aquaculture

From Artemia’s biological features to its commercial applications, we uncover the secrets of the most widely used live feed and find the most forward-thinking solutions to support hatcheries.

A tiny little hero

Artemia, also known as brine shrimp or sea monkey, is a small crustacean found in inland saltwater bodies.

#1 food source for hatcheries

Artemia’s unique properties enable large-scale aquaculture and is ranked as a top live feed for early stage fish and shrimp larvae.

  • Triggers feeding behaviour
  • Appropriate size
  • Highly nutritious
  • Adjustable nutritional profile

Taking artemia production one step further

Pioneering solutions that address the main challenges of Artemia production and that support:

  • Improved hatchery performance
  • Increased sustainability
  • Reduced environmental impact of the industry