The Importance of Artemia in Fish Fry Production

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INVE Eurasia Webinar Highlights the Importance of Artemia in Fish Fry Production

On September 6th, 2023, INVE Eurasia organized an informative webinar titled “History and Future Perspectives of Artemia Production and Use in Aquaculture and New Generation SEP-Art Artemia Tools,” focusing on Artemia’s role in fry fish production and the introduction of new efficient hatching tools.

The webinar, tailored to Turkish hatcheries, was organized by Gülay Talay, Area Manager of Eurasia, and Bahadır Aksu, Sales and Technical Support Manager.

The event received the participation of two main speakers: Patrick Sorgeloos, Emeritus Professor for Gent University, and Francesco Lenzi, Global Technical Expert (Artemia) for INVE Aquaculture. Mario Hoffmann, Regional Sales Director, participated as a panelist and special invitee.

Artemia Aspects

Patrick Sorgeloos delved into various aspects of artemia, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of this essential component in aquaculture:

  • Life Cycle of Artemia: Prof. Sorgeloos shared the life cycle of Artemia, shedding light on its growth stages and relevance in aquaculture.
  • Critical Role of Artemia: He emphasized artemia’s pivotal role, underlining its significance as a primary feed source for fish fry.
  • Artemia Cyst Consumption (History): The historical perspective of artemia cyst consumption was discussed, highlighting its long-standing use in aquaculture.
  • World Artemia Production by Source: Attendees gained insights into the global sources of artemia production and their contribution to the aquaculture industry.
  • Annual Consumption & Value of Artemia: Prof. Sorgeloos outlined the annual consumption trends and the economic value of Artemia in aquaculture.
  • Sustainability & Quality Certification: The sustainability and the importance of quality certifications in Artemia were addressed, underscoring the need for responsible practices in artemia production.
  • Artemia: New Model Organism for Gene Discovery: Cutting-edge research on artemia’s role as a model organism for gene discovery was presented, showcasing its potential for advancing aquaculture genetics.
  • Innovation in Nauplii Separation: Attendees learned about the latest innovations, highlighting the transition from traditional techniques to modern and efficient methods.

Global Technical Support

Francesco Lenzi, Global Technical Expert (Artemia) for INVE, took the stage as the second speaker, focusing on the practical side of Artemia hatchery operations. Lenzi showed the latest advancements in Artemia tools and how they are transforming the way hatcheries operate.

These tools aim to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in artemia hatching processes, making them more user-friendly for hatchery professionals.

Q&A Session

One of the highlights of the webinar was the interactive Q&A session that followed the presentations. Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers and panelists, seeking clarification and further insights on various topics related to artemia production and tools. This session fostered knowledge-sharing and collaboration among stakeholders.


INVE Eurasia’s webinar served as an essential platform for Turkish hatcheries to gain in-depth knowledge about Artemia production’s history and prospects in aquaculture. The event highlighted the importance of Artemia in fish fry production, showcased innovative tools, and facilitated valuable discussions among industry professionals. As the aquaculture sector evolves, events like these are crucial in advancing the industry’s knowledge and practices.